When the name Jumbo Pass is thrown into conversation, for me it conjures up images of a mythical land, a gorgeous landscaped flanked by snowy mountain tops and guarded closely by several 'grandfather like' glaciers, along with being an important Grizzly bear habitat. It is one of my favourite places in Canada.... It is also the very controversial site of proposed all season Ski resort... No matter the local you start up conversation with in this neck of the woods, you are sure to be involved in a deep discussion of this topical development...... Passions definitely run high.... This alone confirms for me the regard for the beauty of this pace. I have been fortunate enough to visit Jumbo a couple of times now, but tomorrow I get to check this place out in the winter.... Here is an image i took in August of last year.... I look forward to sharing some pics of my winter experience in this magical land!!!!!